Friday, January 15, 2010

So here I am

I never know what to say....I guess I should start by introducing myself. I am Terri, SAHM to 7 (almost 8, if you ask her) year old Trianna.

I have been thinking for some time I would like to sew children's clothes. I have been making skirts and pants for by daughter for several years, I sew quilts for friends when they have babies....why not do something I love? My friends keep saying "Why don't you sell your wares?" So here I sit, contemplating this endeavor.

So many questions.......
Where do I start?


  1. I just couldn't look at that lonely little ole 0 comments without thinking, why has no one commented, offered advice, answered her? I am probably not much to offer advice, but the first thing to so is post some pictures of what you do and describe what you do. Tell them what you'd like to do fo them. Maybe don't post prices at first until you've searched around to see what others are gettting for similar work. GO to lots of other blogs. leave messages, Find others doing the same type of sewing. email them, some will respond with help, others hoard their secrets and don't share. Don't worry about them, it may take you 50 people but sooner or later you'll collect enough info to get you going. Decide if you want to ship is pricey to ship, even more if you have to pay duty tax. once you've got yourself set, find something and host a giveaway. Notify every blog you frequent that you are hosting a giveaway. people will come.

  2. oh yeah and Welcome to BLOGLAND where life can be happy all the time.......if you have the time. B-) Cyndi